Jillian Michaels Workout DVD list

Here you have the Jillian Michaels Workout DVD list with all video workouts.  The workouts are ordered by release year with information containing training length, number of levels and difficulty level. Start for example with the most effective home workout Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred to boost your cardio, strengthen your body and get into shape.

YearNameLengthNo. of LevelsDifficulty
200830 Day Shred
Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred
25 Mins. (30 Days)3 LevelsEasy
2008Banish Fat Boost Metabolism
Jillian Michaels Banish Fat Boost Metabolism
55 Mins.1 LevelHard
2008No More Trouble Zones
Jillian Michaels No More trouble Zones
55 Mins.1 LevelAdvanced
2009Yoga Meltdown
Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown
30 Mins.2 LevelsAdvanced
2010Shred-It With Weights
Jillian Michaels Shred it with weights
30 Mins.2 LevelsEasy
20106 Week Six Pack
Jillian Michaels 6 week sixpack
30 Mins. (45 Days)2 LevelsAdvanced
2011Killer Buns and Thighs
Jillian Michaels Killer buns and thighs
40 Mins.3 LevelsAdvanced
2011Extreme Shed & Shred
Jillian Michaels Extreme Shed and Shred
45 Mins.2 LevelsEasy
2012Ripped in 30
Jillian Michaels ripped in 30
24 Mins. (30 Days)4 LevelsEasy
2012Body Revolution
Jillian Michaels Body Revolution
30 Mins. (90 Days)12 Levels – 3 CardioAdvanced
2012Killer Abs
Jillian Michaels Killer abs
30 Mins.3 LevelsAdvanced
2012Kickbox FastFix
Jillian Michaels Kickbox Fastfix
20 Mins.3 LevelsEasy
2013Yoga Inferno
jillian michaels yoga inferno small
30 Mins.2 LevelsHard
2013Hard Body
jillian michaels hard body small
45 Mins.2 LevelsHard
2014Beginner Shred
Jillian Michaels Beginner Shred
20 Mins.3 LevelsEasy
2014One Week Shred
jillian michaels one week shred small
30 Mins.2 LevelsHard
2015Killer Body
jillian michaels killer body small
30 Mins.3 LevelsHard
2015Body Shred
jillian michaels body shred small
30 Mins.8 Levels – 2 CardioHard
2015Killer Arms & Back
jillian michaels killer arms and back small
30 Mins.3 LevelsAdvanced
201610 Minute Body Transformation
jillian michaels 10 minute body transformation small
10 Mins.5 LevelsHard
2016Hot Body, Healthy Mommy
jillian michaels hot body healthy mommy small
27 Mins.3 LevelsEasy
2017Tone & Shred (Tone it Up)30 Mins.3 LevelsAdvanced
201710 Minute Body Transformation (2nd Edition)
jillian michaels 10 minute body transformation_2nd small
10 Mins.5 levelsHard
2017Killer Cardio
jillian michaels killer cardio small
25 Mins.2 LevelsHard
2018Lift & Shred
jillian michaels lift and shred small
30 Mins.2 LevelsAdvanced

Jillian Michaels Workout DVD List Difficulty sections:

Beginner Level

Jillian Michaels Beginner Workouts

For those of you who are beginning with sports or have a low fitness level I can strongly recommend to check the Jillian Michaels Beginner Workout section.

Within this section you will find an overview of all easier workouts that will help you build up your body and create a basic strength level to go for the next challenges.

From my personal experience I can say that even as a normal to well-trained person you can have your challenge in these “Easy” workouts by increasing the pace or increasing the weights. The difficulty categories are not quite appropriate by normal terms because Jillian Michaels workouts already begin on a very high level, so don’t be fooled by this rather “soft” definitions. In the end it’s up to you to choose how far you want to go physically, just play around and challenge yourself!

Advanced Level

If you are done with the easy workouts or you think you are a very sporty person in general and are ready for some challenge, try the workouts listed on my Jillian Michaels Advanced Workouts section.

The trainings in the advanced section are not for beginners and are mainly focused on people who do sports regularly and are in a well-trained physical condition. Jillian won’t spare you in these workouts and you will curse her many times during these programs for making you feel every muscle of your body. Even well-trained people can discover new challenges and interesting moves here.

Hard Level

For those of you who are ready for some hardcore and like to go through pain for the gain I can recommend to check the Jillian Michaels Hard Workouts section.

If you think you are bad-ass, think again. These workouts will definitely show you the limits of your body and are made for people who want to tune the last parts of their body to perfection.

I wish you good luck on your journey and don’t forget to come back to check the latest posts. Focus on your goals and keep in mind that we all have started small. It is your strong will and passion that will make you reach every goal you want in your life!